The original company, World Water Systems was founded in 1983. The company is now known as Coffin World Water Systems and is a privately held California corporation. Since the company's inception its products have focused on the treatment of water and wastewater. One of its earliest products was the HELI-SEP®, a single vessel oily water separator to the marine and industrial market. Over the years additional water and wastewater treatment products were developed, manufactured and sold by World Water Systems through technical representatives around the world. To address the increasing environmental pressure directed at the commercial marine industry, specifically the issue of oily water discharge from the bilge of ships around the globe. WWS developed the HELI-SEP® system with it's compact footprint, automatic operation and low maintenance requirements. The HELI-SEP® soon became the benchmark for marine oily water separators, since then over 6,000 units have been installed on ships worldwide. The HELI-SEP® has also been installed in a wide range of industrial applications including but not exclusive to oil production, petrochemical processing, pulp & paper, textiles, transportation and food processing.

In 1987, WWS introduced the AQUA-SEP® reverse osmosis product line to satisfy growing needs for high quality potable water around the world. The AQUA-SEP® Series 1-4 standard product line has expanded to include water makers and water purification systems with capacities ranging to 264,000 gallons per day, and custom designed systems for larger treated water capacities and unique applications. During the 1990's World Water Systems developed other innovative products based on various filtration and separation technologies. Currently these products include the ULTRA-SEP®, CR-SEP®, CRP-SEP®, CLARI-SEP®, VG-SEP®, RECYCLO-SEP® and INDUSTRO-SEP®. These products and systems offer effective solutions to many industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment requirements. In December of 1999, Coffin Turbo Pump as part of corporate strategic plan for growth in the marine market and diversification completed the acquisition of the assets of World Water Systems, Inc. The company was renamed Coffin World Water Systems L.L.C.

CWWS is located in Irvine, CA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coffin Turbo Pumps, based in Englewood, NJ. Coffin World Water System joins Carter Pump; a division of Coffin Turbo Pumps. Carter Pump develops and manufactures solids handling plunger and diaphragm pumps for the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment market. Coffin Turbo Pump, Inc., is a privately held and established company with over seventy years of leadership in the design, development and manufacture of steam and motor driven high-speed high-pressure centrifugal pumps. While these pumps originally were designed for use on land based locomotives, changes in transportation trends and world wars found the Coffin Turbo Pump being installed on navy and commercial ships for critical onboard applications. These pumps are typically selected when reliability and performance are mandatory. During the heyday of steam ships over 10,000 pump units were shipped and operating onboard ships around the world. Changes in ship designs, and the shift in passenger and freight transportation has reduced that number to an approximate 2000 units.

The acquisition of the World Water Systems by Coffin Turbo Pump has significantly increased the technical and customer support resources of Coffin World Water Systems. Coffin World Water Systems products are supported around the world by an extensive network of factory trained representatives and factory field service engineers. Coffin World Water Systems is an ISO 9001 certified company with dedicated resources for quality control and assurance process. Coffin World Water Systems is committed to enhancing and maintaining the highest level of quality for all manufacturing processes, vendors, field service and customer support. Each employee is periodically audited to insure compliance with the processes and procedures, and to insure that we consistently meet the customer expectations for quality and customer service.