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Coffin World Water Systems Delivers 200 Oily Water Separators to Cap Leading Environmental Initiative by Tidewater Marine

Irvine, Calif. (U.S.A) - Tidewater Marine L.L.C., owner and operator of the world's largest workboat fleet, has put new muscle behind its commitment to protecting the environment with a bold decision to extend a program of bilge water treatment to virtually its entire fleet. HELI-SEP®, Oily Water Separators manufactured by Coffin World Water Systems LLC (CWWS) are helping the company accomplish its goal, while setting a new standard for environmental leadership. Tidewater is a premier international energy service company headquartered in New Orleans. HELI-SEP® units are already used on the larger vessels in Tidewater's fleet that are subject to the 15 ppm oil discharge limit mandated by IMO MEPC. 60(33). In addition, the company has now acted to install oily water separators onboard even its smaller workboats, which are legally exempt from that regulation. Of 200 units authorized under a new purchase agreement with Tidewater, CWWS has to date delivered more than 150 units, all on time or ahead of schedule, and the remaining deliveries will be completed by the end of the year. The value of the total purchase agreement is in excess of $500,000. Lee Engineering of New Orleans is the agent for CWWS in this transaction.

E. J. Hebert, Vice President of Engineering for Tidewater Marine, said, "As the leading operator in our segment of the industry, we believe it is important for Tidewater to set an example for proactive environmental initiatives, instead of waiting for broader regulation. At the same time, outfitting the remainder of our fleet around the world requires a substantial investment of resources. So we took a careful look at all our options to be certain of getting the job done as efficiently and economically as possible." Coffin World Water Systems offered the best combination of performance, dependability, convenience and price, according to Hebert. "We know from experience that HELI-SEP® oily water separators are top-quality. They are easy to install, and they don't need to be opened up for maintenance," he said. "With Tidewater workboats in service around the world, Coffin's global parts and service capabilities are vital to us. And their willingness to warehouse units for us in New Orleans has been a real help in staging an installation program of this scope."

HELI-SEP® oily water separators are equipped with a self-cleaning polishing pack and a permanent coalescing matrix that eliminates the need to replace filters. Each unit is shipped pre-piped and pre-wired to simplify installation. With more than 6,000 units in service worldwide, HELI-SEP design has proven performance in meeting global discharge standards reliably and cost-effectively. CWWS offers a series of models with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 10 cubic-meters per hour (2.2 to 44 gpm), which can accommodate the full range of shipboard needs. For vessels calling in cruise ports, or in environmentally sensitive regions such as the Baltics and the Great Lakes, CWWS also provides advanced technology capable of meeting even more stringent discharge limits. The ULTRA-SEP®, Oily Water Separator processes discharge from the primary separation system through second-stage ultra-filtration membranes to reduce the oil in bilge water to less than 5 ppm - the maximum content permitted by many of those ports.

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